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Image by Niall McCarthy

Image by Niall McCarthy

We are artists. We are geeks. We are better together.

We met in 2005 in Los Angeles. Kiera was in town for a conference with her screenwriting class, and Josh was living and working in L.A. as a theatrical technician. When Josh offered to show his friend, Kiera's classmate, around town, Kiera refused to be left behind, and the rest - as they say - is history. We dated long-distance, enjoyed Los Angeles together when Kiera was in film school, and got married in 2008. Now we live in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with our dog Pixel, using our scarce free time to enjoy travel, craft beer, games (board, card, and video), and Netflix. :)


  • Grew up in Lake Crystal, Minnesota (population 2,566)
  • Studied Cinema and Digital Video at Northwestern College, Iowa, and the L.A. Film Studies Center
  • Credits include feature film Winning Favor, and documentary The Sacred Stage 
  • Favorite TV shows: Sherlock, Doctor Who, Fullmetal Alchemist, How I Met Your Mother
  • Some girls buy shoes – I spend all my money on camera gear and tattoos!


    • Grew up in Orange, California (population 138,409)
    • Studied Theatre at Northwestern College, Iowa
    • Mad theatrical lighting skills
    • Favorite beers: Melange No. 3 (The Bruery), Black Tuesday (The Bruery), Tokyo (Brew Dog), Tweason’ale (Dogfish Head)
    • Reigning Cards Against Humanity champion
    • Latest obsession: Buying and rebuilding a 1970s VW vanagon


    Pixel is our furbaby - a maltipoo who came to us as a little mop of fur when she was 4 months old. She loves blueberries, hunting moths, and snuggles. She's a fantastic office dog, and if we could, we would take her along on every adventure!