Lauryn & Andrew: Graf Barn Wedding

In honor of #ManCrushMonday, we'll be starting the next few weeks with a tribute to our favorite grooms - the ones who aren't afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves! When I see a groom tear up upon seeing the love of his life, or hear his voice shake during his vows, my heart just about bursts.

Not only is Andrew the most stylish groom I have ever seen, he just could not hold back his feelings for Lauryn. When he read his note to his bride on the morning of their wedding, it was all over. Sorry Andrew, I know you were trying so hard to stay stoic, but I think it says so much about your strong heart and your incredible love for your "favorite person!"

FAIR WARNING: This film contains one swear word, and one playful rude gesture. In case you're watching with the kiddos or you're bothered by that sort of thing.

Add one gorgeous - and also tearful! - bride with pink highlights, and our favorite California wedding venue, Graf Barn, and this day could not have been better. From the rich rustic florals everywhere, to the smartly dressed wedding party, to Graf Barn's unique details (and food), this wedding has plenty of eye candy, as well as tons of heart. I have never seen a more enthusiastic celebration, or a more perfect couple!

Lauryn and Andrew, there is no question that you truly are bashert - meant to be together. While you are both clearly strong and talented in your own right, you complete each other in a way that is totally new and totally amazing. You will surely go on to do amazing things and enjoy incredible adventures together! I hope every day of your lives is as much of a celebration as your wedding day!

Cinematography: The Adventures Of
Photography: Kelsey Stewart, Ken Kienow Photography
Venue: Graf Barn, Oxnard, California
Florals: A Beautiful Day Productions
Cake and Catering: Laina Graf, Graf Barn
DJ: Steve Stock

Buffy & Josh: Graf Barn California Wedding

When Buffy called me for the very first time and we chatted for over an hour, I knew that we were in for something special. She was so excited to tell me all about the friendship bracelets and sparkling heart garland that she was making, and about Josh, who was on the road - as usual - but who felt very near when she talked about how crazy they are about each other.

Buffy and Josh both work in the music industry in L.A. They work with literal rockstars everyday, but I can assure you that the stardust that these two exude comes from inside. They are so genuine about their passions, especially for each other. Buffy's tears and Josh's huge grin during their vows attest to that!

From the surprising gifts that the bride and groom exchanged, to the handmade details and bluegrass band, to the private "last dance" and sparkler exit, this wedding was one for the books. The warm welcome extended by the staff/family at Graf Barn made this one of our favorite venues ever. They put so much love into the decor, the food, everything. Buffy planned every detail and it all came together into a one-of-a-kind rocking rustic celebration. (Even though she decided against the shark blimp as ringbearer.)

Buffy and Josh, we are so lucky to know you! The song of your love is just beginning and I am excited for the adventures you have in store together.

"Passage" by Lowercase Noises
"Love Be Your Mantra" by Future of Forestry

Venue: Graf Barn, Oxnard, CA
Cinematographer: The Adventures Of
Photographer: Tyler Branch
Floral Design: Floret Cadet
Caterer: Naturally Good Catering
Officiant: Reverend Dr. M Rene Minshew
DJ: Bryan Thrane,

Kiera Faye

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