Dawn & John: A Pirate Wedding in Santa Barbara

One of my favorite things about weddings is how much you can tell about a couple from experiencing their wedding celebration. Whether it's a simple backyard gathering or a grand ballroom occasion full of cultural traditions, I appreciate couples who approach their wedding with intention, and I always hope that when you finish watching our films, you feel like you know the couple... just a little bit.

Today, I get to introduce you to an awesome couple via their amazing handcrafted wedding. We have known John for years because he's the brother of one of our best friends (and Josh's groomsman!). When Dawn entered John's life, it was clear that she was someone truly special, because there was magic happening when they were together. These two unlock such amazing things in each other, and in turn this magic spreads to those around them.

Inspired by their love of history and fantasy, Dawn and John decided on a pirate theme for their wedding, which would take place in Godric Grove at Ellings Park, Santa Barbara, with a sweeping view of the ocean. You'll see what I mean by magic right away - the details are all handcrafted, the guests (and the photo and video teams!) arrived in elaborate pirate garb, the wedding party - ahem, I mean their crew - displayed sashes of purple for the bride or green for the groom with their vastly different outfits, and even learned a period dance for the celebration! This couple crafted a one-of-a-kind ceremony that included their community of loved ones and all sorts of happy surprises. And their vows?? Like I said, magic.

It takes a pretty awesome couple to rock a historical pirate wedding theme with this level of class. I am amazed by the care and craftsmanship that went into every single detail. Don't you love the custom necklaces that the couple had made? What a beautiful and meaningful alternative to wedding rings!

Soundtrack licensed via The Music Bed
"Like Ships Need the Sea" by Emily Hearn

Venue: Ellings Park, Santa Barbara
Cinematographer: The Adventures Of
Photographer: Candice Benjamin Photography - Click here for gorgeous photos!
Hair & Makeup: Fairytale Hair and Makeup
Cake Artist: Jean Fields
Catering: DJ's Catering
Everything Else: DIY!

Dawn and John, thank you for sharing your creativity, your playfulness, and your love in such bold and beautiful ways! Your wedding was one of our favorites not because it was "different," but because it was a reflection of your personalities, and because of the joyful and enthusiastic participation of all your friends and family! You are clearly surrounded by an awesome community of loved ones, and your love story is just beginning.

#TBT: Doctor Who Wedding Inspiration | Through All of Time and Space

In honor of The Day of the Doctor - the 50th Anniversary of BBC's Doctor Who - this Throwback Thursday is dedicated to our "Geek Chic" interpretation of a Whovian wedding (originally published under our old brand, Jakfoto Films).

The sparkling gold and TARDIS blue decor are perfect for any glamorous celebration, but fans of Doctor Who will notice lots of subtle references to the television show: Gallifreyan print designs, a Van Gogh inspired cake, TARDIS keys, and portraits of the Doctor's many faces used as table numbers, just to name a few. My favorite part of planning this film was composing some very moving vows with quotes from the show. "Together, or not at all..."

When photographer (and fellow Whovian) Candice Benjamin and I started brainstorming about a glamorous wedding in honor of our favorite Time Lord, we had no idea how enthusiastically the fandom would respond. We were honored to be featured on sites like Green Wedding Shoes, When Geeks Wed, Anglophenia... we even received gifts from BBC America! This is our most popular video to date, and I think that's just fantastic.

Be sure to check out Candice Benjamin's photos for a close look at all of the details, and check the list below to see who contributed your favorite touches. It took an amazing team of wedding pros to put together all of this magic!

Styled by: The Adventures Of | Candice Benjamin Photography | First Pick Planning

Music: "Doctor" by Chris Bartels/Anthem Falls Music Purchase this track: Click here!
Photography: Candice Benjamin Photography
Bridal Gown: Hope Stanley, Bridal Stylist at Marry Me Bridal 
Birdcage Veil: Tessa Kim 
Bride’s Cape and Earrings: BHLDN 
Print Design: Mintwich Design 
Floral Design: Studio Ooh La La 
Ceremony Venue: Big Bear Solar Observatory
Ceremony Make-up and hair: Melissa Abad Makeup 
Fourth Doctor's Scarf: NoemisKnits 
TARDIS Kindle Cover: mdk Studios 898 
Reception Venue: Huron Substation, Los Angeles 
Reception Make-up and hair: Evelyn Lui of Serene Bridal Beauty 
Cake: A Twist of Cake 
Table Number Art: Meghan Stratman 
Dining Furniture and Place Settings: Classic Party Rentals 
Statement Furniture & Pendant Lights: FormDecor 
Lighting: Mastermind Production Group 
Cocktail Bar: Night Owl Productions 
Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver & The Master's Pocket Watch: ThinkGeek

Extra Special Thanks To: Kasey McKay, Josh McKay, Alastair James Murden, Chris Wayne, and Bree Rhoten

Kiera Faye

I'm excited to share more Geek Chic inspiration in the future... What fandom-inspired wedding theme would you like to see?