An Anniversary AND A Wedding! | Seattle Pike Place Market Elopement

I'm going to advise that you get the tissues out RIGHT NOW because today we're featuring THREE videos of one amazing couple, and you are going to need that kleenex.

In 2011, exactly one year after they started dating, Kim took Jodi to Santa Monica and proposed to her on the top of the ferris wheel. They tell the story much better than I do:

One year ago today - on 12/12/12 - Jodi and Kim got married at Boojum Tree Hidden Garden in Phoenix, Arizona. They declared their union with the coolest glowing unity ceremony ever, and their "neon and bling" celebration was featured on Offbeat Bride. It was a beautiful, emotional day full of love!

But as perfect as the day was, there was still something missing. While their marriage was 100% real in their hearts - and in the eyes of their loved ones - it was not legally recognized. On September 6, 2013, on a business trip to Seattle, Kim took Jodi to Pike Place Market and made their dream come true with another surprise proposal.

Yep, Josh and I even got to act as official witnesses! Surprise wedding FTW!!

Congratulations, Jodi and Kim, on the first of MANY happy anniversaries! As many of your friends have expressed, you two are an inspiration, and a perfect example of what a loving marriage looks like. I am constantly amazed by all the ways that you support and celebrate each other! Josh and I feel so blessed to be your friends, and to tell your story!

Kiera Faye

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