Introducing the SlowMo Booth | Hollywood Glam at Boardner's

I am über excited to unveil this video and launch a brand new product for your celebration: *drumroll please* may I present the SlowMo Booth by The Adventures Of!

There is no better way to get the party moving! These wedding guests got crazy and creative, and when you take that action down to one-tenth the speed, things get really awesome. Why limit your guests to a photo booth when you can have a unique slow-motion music video to remember the celebration?


I knew this was going to be fun, but Adrienne, Chris, and their friends knocked it out of the park. When the groom is a clown college grad and the guest list is full of entertainers, it's bound to be a good time. (Nerd alert: yes, that's Wil Wheaton and his beautiful wife Anne at 0:25, etc. I fangirled so hard when I saw him that I had to leave to avoid embarrassing myself. Wil, if you're reading this, Josh and I are really big fans of w00tstout. and you.)

Boardner's in Hollywood provided the perfect setting, full of mystery and Old Hollywood glamour. We loved taking over the courtyard stage for slow-motion fun! Thanks to Adrienne's imagination and the fabulous planning efforts of Rebel Belle Weddings, this was a breathtaking Hollywood bash!

In addition to the SlowMo Booth, this wedding had so many amazing, unique, personal touches, and I can't wait to share it all with you. Keep an eye on the blog for Adrienne and Chris's full wedding film, coming soon!

Kiera Faye

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Leave a comment: What stunts would you like to try in our SlowMo Booth?